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Anthony Ireland-Founder

An alumni of Loyola Marymount University, Anthony was born in Waterbury, CT. He scored over 1,000 points at Crosby High School and won a state championship in 2007-08'. In 2009, he won the Billy Finn Award while leading the Bulldogs back to the State finals. Anthony was named 1st Team All-State then attended the Winchendon School in Wichendon, MA. He went on to score over 2,000 points, 500 assists, and 500 rebounds for the Lions at LMU. Anthony has played professional basketball overseas for 4 years, and currently plays for Juventus Utena in Lithuania. Anthony is the founder of the AI3 Leadership Academy. This will be the third year of his AI3 Leadership Academy camp. This year, the camp will provide youth (9 and up) with small group and individual training sessions with other knowledgable trainers. 

Joseph Summa - Senior Advisor

A member of the New England Basketball Hall of Fame, Joe Summa was raised in Waterbury, CT. After leading Sacred Heart High School to a State Championship in 1967, Joe went on to become an All-American at Wesleyan University. Joe is currently an attorney and is the Senior Advisor of the AI3 Leadership Academy. 


Melo Goulbourne – Student Assistant

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