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Programs Offered 

Individual Training


Each individual session will be conducted in a private setting for the purpose of avoiding distractions. The workouts will be based on the individual's age and overall skill set. Sessions will include proper preparation techniques, intense drills/skills and in game situations to improve instincts. Players must remain committed to the process as they will see steady improvement as a basketball player but most importantly, a human being. 


Group Training 


Group sessions will consist of 1-3 players (same age, position and skill set). The purpose of the sessions is to develop a competitive atmosphere while simultaneously improving in all aspects of the game. Each session will have a specific emphasis which ultimately will translate to each individual's in game experience. 



AI3 Skills Academy


The AI3 Skills Academy is an annual summer event that is designated for OUR youth (ages 9-14). The Skills Academy is run for 3 days and focuses on development in areas such as; shooting, ball handling and comradery. Former local stars such as Tootie Zimmerman, Michael Mallory and others all play a role during our annual event. The Academy is also something that brings the community together. "We do what we love and we love what we do."

Women's League

The AI3 Women's League is an opportunity for the women of our community to compete in a league of their own. Our goal is to reach more members of our community, who have similar passions towards the game of basketball. The Women's League is a ten week program, with weekly games. This season, we have 48 women participating, competing through 6 teams.  Championship winners will receive a trophy, and awards will go out to a Season MVP and Finals MVP.

Individual and Group Training courses are for children ages 9+. 

For scheduling information for Individual and Group Training, please email

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